Labour Law

Alim Akburally Attorneys and Conveyancers specialises in all areas of labour law. We represent the interests of both employer and employee in all areas of labour law and also represent clients in CCMA arbitrations and Labour Court hearings.

Labour law is quite complex in South Africa, so it is essential for both employees and employers to ensure that the correct contracts and policy documents are in place. These should cover an array of employee entitlements, rights and limitations and all companies should obtain specialist legal advice on a range of labour law issues.

Alim Akburally Attorneys and Conveyancers has many years of experience in the field of labour law and we are able to provide our clients with comprehensive and focused service when it comes to labour disputes, contractual agreements and legal advice. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients a variety of employment related legal services and we aim to grow our reputation for delivering high quality services and positive outcomes for our clients.

Our services include the following:

Our team of highly skilled labour law attorneys will represent clients in cases before the CCMA, Labour Court, Bargaining Councils, High Court, and various other Tribunals. Our experienced team has the ability to handle large and complex cases that can involve a single employee, or an entire group. We are also skilled in advising employers and employees on how to manage and resolve problems through our assistance in mediation and alternative dispute resolution procedures.

We understand the trauma that can come with an unfair dismissal or a retrenchment. Alim Akburally Attorneys and Conveyancers can assist you throughout the whole process, so that you do not have to face any Bargaining Council or CCMA procedure on your own. You will receive expert advice on all topics with regards to the labour law in South Africa, as well as expert representation when you need it most.

Labour Law in South Africa

The Labour Relations Act, 66 of 1995 was put in place to provide simple procedures to facilitate the resolution of labour disputes. This can be done through conciliation, mediation and arbitration, which is why the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) was established.

Since the parties will likely represent themselves, a labour law attorney is not necessary to the proceedings. However, this does not preclude the need for expert legal advice. Proceedings relating to labour disputes still have to adhere to certain requirements and different time limits are applicable to notices sent to parties. It is often the preferred choice of either party to have proper legal representation available to them.

If you are an employer, we can provide you with a labour law attorney to assist you with setting up labour policies and practices that are in line with the current legislation. We can also provide you with legal advice if you are facing legal action from an employee, or former employee. Our attorneys can provide assistance with procedural fairness, basic conditions of labour, writing labour contracts, retrenchments and more.

If you are an employee, our labour law experts can help you with a variety of labour issues, including dismissals, suspension, maternity issues, harassment, labour court proceedings, disciplinary action and more. It is essential to have access to solid legal advice and an attorney that can protect your best interests at all times. Our team will show you what your options are and help you to choose the best course of action based on your unique position and the circumstances of your case.

Disputes can easily arise in any working environment and legal assistance if often necessary. Our dispute resolution lawyers are experienced in handling a wide variety of issues regarding labour law, making it essential for our clients to get the best possible representation. Disputes need to be handled effectively and according to the legal guidelines, making representation essential.

Unfair Dismissals

Alim Akburally Attorneys and Conveyancers understands the stress and humiliation that can be felt by an employee who was unfairly dismissed, especially where the employee has an excellent working reputation and record. We specialise in cases where the employee feels they he or she has been unfairly dismissed, especially when this process has irreparably damaged his or her reputation and name in that particular industry.

In these cases, Alim Akburally Attorneys and Conveyancers will assist the employee in referring the matter to the CCMA for conciliation and arbitration (if necessary) but will also assist the employee with additional claims against the employer. We will assist the employee in settlement negotiations with the employer, if he or she wishes to do so.

Unfair Discrimination

Unfair discrimination in the workplace has become very common in our modern times. These unfair discrimination cases can include an employee being discriminated against due to his or her gender, race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, age or pregnancy. This type of treatment goes against the Employment Equity Act and in such instances the employee has the right to seek relief from the CCMA or through civil means. We can assist employees in these cases to ensure that they are accurately represented.

Other important areas where we can assist you in terms of the labour law includes employment contracts, audits to determine Business Compliance with the legislation, drafting of workplace policies and procedures, and consulting services to employers, organisations and unions. Specialist advice can also include topics like sexual harassment, disciplinary procedures, protected disclosures and Code of Good Practice.

Labour Law Services

Let Alim Akburally Attorneys and Conveyancers specialise in labour law cases and our team is qualified and experienced to represent you. Whether you have been unfairly dismissed, or foresee legal action against a disgruntled employee, we are here to help and our team is ready to provide you with top notch legal representation.

For more information on our superior labour law services, please contact us phone us directly at 031 304 0025.